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Religion Of Jesus Or Saint Paul | Reviewing Belief (Part 1)
Religion Of Jesus Or Saint Paul |Reviewing Christianity (Part 2)
Difference Between Paul And Jesus (Part 2)
Difference Between Paul And Jesus (Part 1)
Destruction of Trinity
Pagan Origins Of Christianity
Different types of Salvation In Christianity
Early Christians Rejected Trinity
Why is Trinity false?
Trinity and Paganism
Early Christians Did Worship The Mary
Does God Change In Nature?
Death To Apostate and Non-Christians In The Bible
Yahweh A Pagan Deity
The Origin Of Moon God Yahweh

Jesus Paul
Jesus Lied | The Lying Jesus
The Sins of Jesus (Part 1)
The Sins of Jesus (Part 2)
The Problem in Jesus's Sign In Gospel of John
Who was Jesus? | Jesus In His Own Words | Jesus Vs Paul
Jesus As A Narcissistic
Jesus And Satan | Temptation Of Christ
What Does Son Of God Mean?Was Jesus God Or Send By God?
Some Forgotten Words Of Jesus
The Gospel of Paul | Paul created his own Gospel
Paul Contradicts Jesus
Paul Contradicts Himself

On Diety Of Jesus
Does John 8:58 really prove that Jesus Divinity?
Did Jesus said "I am" Or "I Have"?
8 passages from Bible to proof that Jesus wasn't God
Examining John 1:1 | The Biggest Lie To Prove Trinity
Attributes of Bible god vs The Attributes of Jesus
Every Prophet was the way, truth and life
Is Jesus God According to John 10:30?
Does John 5:18 Prove Jesus's Divinity?
Is Jesus Equal To The Father?
Jesus And Satan | Temptation Of Christ
38 Simple Reasons Why Is Jesus Not God
The Book Of Acts Denies Jesus Divinity

On Curcifixtion Of Jesus

Crucifixion And Resurrection Of Jesus A Hoax | A Myth And Lie

Crucifixion A Lie!
Jesus was not crucified according to Gospel of Barnabas
The Bible prove Jesus will not be Crucified
Crucifixion Refuted by Psalm 116
Crucifixion Also Refuted by Psalm 118
The Christ Was Not Crucified!
Why Christ Can't Be Crucified?
Contradiction On Account Of Jesus Crucifixion
Bible states That Jesus Will Be Saved, Protected And Will Not Be Killed
Crucifixion And Resurrection A Hoax
Jesus Prayer Was Heard | Crucifixion Refuted Again
Apocalypse Of Peter Refutes The Crucifixion Of Jesus
Verses And Prophesies Denying Crucifixion And Resurrection of Jesus
Gospel Of Peter And Crucifixion
Account Of Crucifixion Outside The Canonical Bible

The US School Shooting And The Bible
Really, Are All Terrorists Muslims?

Jesus and Hate In Bible
Jesus Tells How To Stop Sinning
Jesus, Hate And Killing In The New Testament

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