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Gospel Of Peter And Crucifixion | Crucifixion Refuted

Gospel Of Peter And Crucifixion | Crucifixion Refuted

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Biblical Scholars And Crucifixion | Crucifixion Refuted

"And it was noon, and darkness came over all Judaea: and they were troubled and distressed, lest the sun had set, whilst he was yet alive: [for] it is written for them, that the sun set not on him that hath been put to death. And one of them said, Give him to drink gall with vinegar. And they mixed and gave him to drink, and fulfilled all things, and accomplished their sins against their own head. And many went about with lamps, supposing that it was night, and fell down. And the Lord cried out, saying, My power, my power, thou hast forsaken me. And when he had said it he was taken up. And in that hour the vail of the temple of Jerusalem was rent in twain." [Gospel Of Peter:5]

The Gospel of Peter was written by Peter himself as the book states though the scholars says that authorship is unknown
"And I with my companions was grieved; and being wounded in mind we hid ourselves:" — GoP: 7

F. F. Bruce who  was a Biblical scholar writes (Jesus and Christian Origins Outside the New Testament, p. 93):
The docetic note in this narrative appears in the statement that Jesus, while being crucified, 'remained silent, as though he felt no pain', and in the account of his death. It carefully avoids saying that HE DIED, preferring to say that he 'was taken up', as though he - or at least his soul or spiritual self - was 'assumed' direct from the cross to the presence of God. (We shall see an echo of this idea in the Qur'an.) Then the cry of dereliction is reproduced in a form which suggests that, at that moment, his divine power left the bodily shell in which it had taken up temporary residence.
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