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38 Simple Reasons Why Is Jesus Not God

38 Simple Reasons Why Is Jesus Not God

Bismillah Hir Rehman Ir Raheem
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1- God Doesn’t Change His Nature (Malachi 3:6)
2- GOD Almighty is Greater than Jesus. (John 14:28 )
3- No one is "Good" including Jesus. Only GOD is" Good" (Luke 18:19)
4- Jesus said he doesn't know when the Hour will come. Only GOD Knows. (Mark 13:32)
5- Jesus said that" OUR God is One GOD " (Mark 12:29 )
6- Jesus also said "My GOD and your GOD" (John 20:17)
7- Jesus bowed his face down to the ground to GOD Almighty. (Matthew 26:39)
8- Jesus was tempted by satan for 40 days(Mat1:4), while GOD Almighty can not be tempted (Jacob 1:13)
9- Jesus said he is a man (John 8:40)
10- God is neither a man nor a son of a man (Numbers 23:19)
11- No one can see god (1 John 4:20) but people saw Jesus
12- God is the living and everlasting (Habakkuk 1:12)
13- Jesus always confessed he is just a prophet sent by god (Matthew 21:10-11)
14- God Declare Himself to be God, Jesus didn't (Ezekiel 20:20)
15- Jesus told his real mission was to preach not sacrifice (Mark 1:38)
16- Jesus desired Mercy not Sacrifice (Matthew 9:13)
Jesus refered himseld as
17- Servant:
Matthew 10:24, 24:45, 12:18 John 13:16
18- Prophet:
Matthew 8:20 13:16,21:11, Mark 6:15, 6;4, 9;37, Luke 7:16, 9:8, 9:19, John 13:17, 7:16, 6:14, 7:40
19- Son of Man:
Matthew 5:9, 17:22, 8:20, 18:11, 26:2, Luke 9:22, John 5:27
20- Slave:
John 13:16, Matthew 10:24
21- Student:
Matthew 10:24
22- Father is Grater than Jesus (John 14:28) How can someone can be greater than God?
23- Jesus was taught by the Father (John 8:28)
24- Jesus can do nothing by himself (John 5:19, John 5:30)
25- Jesus does not even has his own doctrine (John 7:16)
26- Jesus ascend to his God (John 20:17)
27- According to Christian Jesus died as recorded in Matthew 27:27-56 but Bible says that God is infinite Pslam 102:27-27
28- Jesus needed to Pray, Eat, Drink and Was Helped by Woman, as stated in Luke 8:1-3 but God in Bible is self-sufficient Psalm 50:12
29- The God remain the same in nature (Hebrews 1:12)
30- Jesus is the same human today, yesterday and forver (Hebrew 13:8)
31- Jesus could not save anyone as he was even not able to save himself (Hebrews 5:1-8)
32- Jesus said he was send to lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24)
33- God can not be born and perhaps form his own creation
34- Jesus never said people to worship me
35- Jesus did not thaught Trinity
36- God is the essence of the worship. He is the object of worship. Had Jesus been God, he would have told people to worship him. Truly, he did the exact opposite as in Matthew 15:9
37- Jesus never called his followers Christians, Paul did
38- Jesus as a servant ofGod (Matthew 12:18)

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