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Why One Should Not Trust The Bible?
Passages From Bible Denying Its Authenticity
Do Not Ignore The OT
Religious Intolerance In Bible
Was Moses, Jeremiah, Etc False Prophets?
Is The Bible Wrong Or Jesus The False Messiah?
Stoning In The Bible
The Rewritten Bible
Jesus As A Prophet In Bible
A Commentary On The Four Gospels
The Problem With Book Of Revelation
Cannibalism In The Bible
Lying Is Promoted And Allowed In Bible

Contradictions In Bible
450+ Contradictions In Bible

Contradictory God Of Bible

Jesus Contradict Himself
Further Contradiction In Bible (OT)
Contradictions In Bible On Moral Issues
Contradictions In Psalm
Contradiction On Account Of Jesus Crucifixion
Numerical Contradictions In Bible
Historical Contradictions In Bible
Paul Contradicts Jesus
Contradiction On Jesus's Account Of Trial and Arrest
Paul Contradicts Himself
Contradiction In New Testament (Part 2)
Contradiction In New Testament (Part 1)
Contradiction In New Testament (Part 3)
Contradiction In New Testament (Part 4)

Errors, Problems, False Prophecies And Fiary Tales In Bible
False Prophecies, Errors and Problem In Bible
Translation Errors In Modern English Bible
1001 Translation Errors In Today's Bible
25+ Errors In Bible
Errors And Problems In Bible
False Prophecies
False Prophecies In Bible
Fairy Tales In Bible
Fairy Tales In Bible
A Book Of God Having Fiary Tales?

Islamic Prophecies In Bible
Arrival Of Muhammad mentioned 32 times In Bible
Islam and Muhammad Prophesied In Bible
Muslim Faith Is Actually Supported By Bible
Have you known the Truth? John 8:31-2 Examined
Zamzam | The Holy Water Mention In Bible
Muhammad In Bible
Prophets In Bible Prayed as Muslims Prays Today
Makkah And Hajj (Pilgrimage) In Bible
Muslims | The Great Nation Of Ishmael
Are You That Prophet? [John 1:21]

On God
Sons of God In Bible
Bible God knows Everything But not Something
How Many People God Killed In Bible?
4 sons of god In Bible and 4 Different gods In Bible
The Lying And Evil Spirits Of God In Bible
The Lying And Decieving God Of The Bible
The Book Of Acts Denies Jesus Divinity
What Does Son Of God Mean?
Imperfections Of God In Bible

Refuting Bible
Refuting Genesis 1
Refuting Genesis 2
Refuting Genesis 3

Bible Condemns Fornication , illegal sex and Adultery
Bible On Homosexual | Bible Against Gayism
Bible On Polygamy | Allowed or Not?
Bible And Prok | Pork Prohibited
Bible on Mansturbation

Doubting The Gospels
Doubting The Gospel Of Mark
Doubting The Gospel Of Matthew
Doubting The Gospel Of John

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