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Name Testimony
Scarlett Heartt (Jane) My name is Jane and my adopted name is Imaan I took shahada alone when I was 19 years old Before Islam- I grew up in a Christian home together with my parents and my siblings.We always attend masses at Church every Sunday and my parents let me study in Catholic schools and universities(Read More)
Lana Krizlistan Up until last December 2011, I lived my life as a devout Christian. Every day I submitted to God by praying, worshipping, learning and volunteering my time to the Church. My two God given gifts are evangelism and teaching. (Read More) 
Roxie Goin (Aliyah Soelmon) How a devoted Christian found Islam after 9/11?
My Journey to Islam
My journey to find out what GOD was really about started so long ago. (Read More)
George How George found Islam on social netwroking site (Facebook)?
Two years ago when I was a 17 year old teenager, was involved with drinking and smoking weed and playing in my band. (Read More)
Yushua Samwil Belal My name was Joshua Samuel and now is Yushua Samwil Belal I amm 23 a fully white British born convert to the true religion of Jesus (peace upon him) that is Islam (Read More)
Nikki Amberg Both my parents were born and raised in Catholic families. I don’t know how my dad grew up in a Catholic family, but my mom’s family was really big into religion. They went to church every Sunday ... (Read More)
Aisha Heidi I am American revert into Islam. I used to be Catholic. Reason why I choose Islam is because, I always felt it was true, right, and felt safe with the Quran. ... (Read More)
Shannon Conley A year ago, I had been heading down a dangerous path of crime and drugs, but in my heart I knew it wasn’t right. I knew there must be a way that I could live my life without such pain and commotion, and from what I had seen, God change people for the better.(Read More)
Halimah All My Life I Was Raised Church Of England, But It Felt Wrong. Like I Was On The Outside Looking In, I Just Thought I Wasn't Doing Enough To Be A Proper Christian. When I Was About 13 I Had A Dream I Was In A Forrest And I Was Being Chased By This.(Read More)
Emanuel Ionescu My name is Emanuel Ionescu. I reverted to Islam in 2011 at the age of 21. The reason I say revert and not convert is because Muslims believe that we are all born with Islam as our faith, but as we get older, if we are not in a Muslim family we may be raised to believe something else and in my case I was raised as an Orthodox Christian.(Read More)

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