Thursday, 15 November 2012

Alternative to Israel's Product | Boycott Israel And Its Supporters

Alternative to Israel's Product | Boycott Israel And Its Supporters

Bismillah Hir Rehman Ir Raheem
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Alternative to Israel's Product | Boycott Israel And Its Supporters

"The world should recognize the massacre done by the Zionist regime on the land of Prophets" Shafay Islam

Key = Israel's Company - Alternatives

ICQ (Internet Chat Program) - WhatsApp, GoogleTalk, Imo, Ebuddy, IM+
CNN- BBC, Local T.V channels, Al-Jazeera

Time magazine, Life magazine, Time-Life books - Local Magzines, Other foreign Mazgines
AOL - Gmail, MSN, Yahoo! Mail

Coca-Cola and beverages related to it (Beverage related to Coca-cola) - Can be replaced by local and domestic beverages, Arfi-Cola, Big-Cola, Ubuntu Cola

Danone (Products by Danone)- Mostly a company manufacturing tea, biscuits, yoghurt, cheese etc which can be replaced by domestic products

Disney -, Onlinve Kids Games, Local cartoon channels, Online cartoons and shows

Nokia, Siemens And Motorola - Can be replaced by Samsung, Sony Ericson, China Mobiles, Local produce mobile phones and DSL

Intel and IBM - Hp and Dell
Johnson and Johnson - Burt's Bee, California Baby, Arbonne, Local produce similar goods

Nestle (Nestle and its products) - Can be replaced by local and domestically made juices and choclates, dairy milk, natural drinks, etc
Loreal - Lakme, Elle, other foreign perfumes and cosmetics, domestically produced perfumes, etc

News Channels such as Fox News, Sky, Star, - Can be replaced by local channels, Al-Jazeera

Mac-Donland - Can be replaced by domestic resturants and fast foods, PC, Sheraton Hotel, and other 3 and 4 star resturants

Revlon - Can be replaced by Lakme, Lakme and other cosmetic products

Starbucks, Nestle Coffee and Strauss ( coffee manufacturers) - Bridgehead Coffee, Café Coffee Day, Costa Coffee, Highlands Coffee, Illy Local coffee producing firms

The Bar Code Which is On Israel's Product is "729". So before purchasing an item you can simply look on the barcode of products to check whether they are funding the Zionist massacre or not!

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