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Muhammad In Bible

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Muhammad in Bible

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Muhammad in Bible

By Sister Layla Khorasania Mujahidah
Arrival Of Muhammad mentioned 32 times In Bible

I will explain some of the prophecies of the coming of Prophet Muhammad saw in the bible.
the Quran mentions in surah al-araf chapter 7 verse 157 those who follow the messenger, the unlettered Prophet,whom they find mentioned in their own sculpture in the torah and the gospel.
Almighty God speaks to Moses in book of deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 18
"I will raise up for them a Prophet like you from among their brothers; i will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything i command him."
Note here: Among their brothers not people

Now the christians say this prophency refers to Jesus pbuh because Jesus pbuh was like Moses pbuh. Moses pbuh was a Jew as well as Jesus pbuh was a Jew. Moses pbuh was a Prophet and Jesus pbuh was also a Prophet.
if these two are the only criteria for this prophecy to be fulfilled, then all the Prophets of the bible who came after Moses pbuh such as Solomon, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Horsea, Joel, Malachi, John the Baptist, etc, pbuh will fulfill this prophecy since all were Jews as well as Prophets.

However, It is Prophet Muhammad saw who is like Moses pbuh bother had a father and a mother, while Jesus pbuh was born miraculously without any male intervention [mathew 1-18 and luke 1-35 and also quran 3. 42-47] both mohammad saw and Moses pbuh were married and had children, Jesus pbuh according to the bible did not marry nor had children. Both died natural deaths. Jesus pbuh has been raised up alive. (Quran 4:157-158)

Muhammad pbuh is from among the brethren of Moses pbuh. Arabs are brethren of Jews. Abraham pbuh had two sons Ishmael and Isaac. The Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael pbuh and the Jews are the descendants of Isaac pbuh.
Prophet Muhammad saw was unlettered and whatever revealations he received from Almighty God he repeated them verbatim like it is said in the verse by God that i shall put my words in his mouth. There are also other similarities which show that Muhammad saw is like Moses pbuh.

1-Both beside being Prophets were also kings i.e. they could inflict capital punishment. Jesus pbuh said my kingdom is not of this world in (John 18.36)
2-Both were accepted as Prophets by their people in their lifetime but Jesus pbuh was rejected by his people john chapter 1 verse 11 states he came unto his own but his own received him not. both brought new laws and new regulations for their people . Jesus pbuh according to the bible did not bring any new laws.
(Mathew 5:17-18.)
3- It is also mentioned in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 18:19 if anyone does not listen to my words that the Prophet speaks in my name, I myself will call him to account.
Prophet Muhammad saw is mentioned by name in the song solomon chapter 5 verse 16
"hikko mamittakim we kullo Muhammadim zehdoodeh wa zehraee bayna Jerusalem".
"His mouth is sweetness itself; he is altogether lovely. this is my lover, this my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem."
In the Hebrew language "im" is added for respect. similarely "im" is added after the name of Prophet Muhammad saw to make it Muhammadim.
In english translation they have even translated the name of Prophet Muhammad saw as altogether loverly but in the old testament in hebrew the name of Prophet Muhammad saw is yet present.

Till now I have only explained the prophecies about the coming of Prophet Muhammad saw in the OT but their also are prophecies in the NT

It is mentioned in gospel of john chapter 14 verse 16 and i will pray the father and he shall give you another comforter, that he may abide with you forever.
It is mentioned in gospel of john chapter 15 verse 26 but when the comforter is come whome i will send unto you from the father even the spirit of truth which proceedeth from the father he shall testify of me.
It is mentioned in gospel of john chapter 16 verse 7 nevertheless i tell you the truth it is expedient for you that go away for if i go not away the comforter will not come unto you but if i depart i will send him unto you. ahmed or Muhammad meaning the one who praises or the praised one is almost the translation of the greek word periclytos. In the gospel of john 14;16, 15;26 and 16;7. john 14:16and i will ask the father, and he will give you another helper, to be with you forever,

John 15:26“But when the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, he will bear witness about me.
John 16:7Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.

The word comforter is used in the english translation for the greek word paracletos which means advocate or a kind friend rather than a comforter, paracletos is the warped reading for periclytos. it is mentioned in quran at chapter 61 verse 6 and [mention] when Jesus, the son of mary, said, "o children of israel, indeed i am the messenger of Allah to you confirming what came before me of the torah and bringing good tidings of a messenger to come after me, whose name is ahmad." but when he came to them with clear evidences, they said, "this is obvious magic."
Jesus pbuh actually prophesised Ahmed by name . even the greek word paraclete refers to the Prophet pbuh who is a mercy for all creatures. some christians say that the comforter mentioned in these prophecies regers to the holy sprit . they fail to realise that the prophecy clearly says that only if Jesus pbuh departs will the comforter come. The bible states that the holy spirit was already present on earth before and during the time of Jesus pbuh in the womb of Elizebeth and again when Jesus pbuh was being baptised etc, hence this prophecy refers to none other than Prophet Muhammad saw.
And lastly Jesus pbuh himself says in the gospel of john chapter 16 verse 12-14
"There is so much more i want to tell you, but you can't bear it now. when the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. he will not speak on his own but will tell you what he has heard. he will tell you about the future. he will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you."

The spirit of truth , spoken about in this prophency referes to none other than Prophet Muhammad saw. now finally i would like to explain one last prophecy which is of the OT and i didn't explain it before. it is mentioned in the book of Isaiah chapter 29 verse 12 then the book will be given to the one who is illiterate, saying, "please read this." and he will say, "i cannot read."
this is what exactly happened when archangel Gabriel recited the first verse of the quran to Muhammad saw . Gabriel coomanded Muhammad saw by saying iqra read Muhammad saw replied I am not learned. now there is no doubt that this prophecy refers to none other than Prophet Muhammad saw. now it has been proved that there are many prophecies of the coming of Prophet Muhammad saw in the bible. yet the christians deny the Muhammad saw is a Prophet of God and they make other false claims regarding Prophet Muhammad saw.
so my advice to the christians is that get a quran of the translation of which ever language you speak and read all of it than see for yourself that the quran is the verbatim word of God and not the words of Muhammad saw or anyone else. o lord these people see your miracles, but turn away with disbelieve. sin and obstinacy has covered their eyes, and darken their heart. they are determined to destroy you faith. o God we are not afraid of dying for you. but we can not let them destroy your kingdom against you wish ! Lord, once again bless us with your mercy and support, since you are the best of supporters !

Arrival Of Muhammad mentioned 32 times In Bible

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