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The Rewritten Bible

The Rewritten Bible

The Rewritten Bible

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How many times the Bible has been rewritten throughout history by the church?

First Council of Nicaea (325)
First Council of Constantinople (381)
Council of Ephesus (431)
Second Council of Ephesus (449)
Council of Chalcedon (451) repudiated
Second Council of Constantinople (553)
Third Council of Constantinople (680-681)
Quinisext Council, also called Council in Trullo [2] (692)
Second Council of Nicaea (787)
First Council of the Lateran (1123)
Fourth Council of the Lateran (1215)
Second Council of Lyon (1274)
First Council of the Vatican (1870; officially, 1870-1960)

At each of these ecumenical councils (not all of the councils, incidentally), there were definitive changes
in the content and interpretation of scripture, including the addition of some books/passages and the removal of
others and whether or not Jesus was THE son of God or just A son of God....

Then of course there are parts that were dramatically altered WITHOUT a council for personal gain. One great
example of this was Henry VIII, who, in a break from the Catholic Church, "tweaked" the contents of the Bible
to allow himself to divorce his current wife.

And then there were the couple hundred years of doctrinal changes occurring as a war between the pope in Spain
and the Pope in Italy vied for control of Catholicsm (Italy won) in 1534-1549.

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