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Contradiction On Jesus's Account Of Trial and Arrest

Contradiction On Jesus's Account Of Trial and Arrest

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Contradiction On Jesus's Account Of Trial and Arrest

1- Why Was Jesus Arrested?
It was crucial for Jesus to be arrested and taken before the authorities, otherwise he would never have been executed, and that’s that whole point of the Passion narrative. For the purposes of the story, it was also important that Peter deny Jesus in order to show Christians that even as important a figure as Peter could be weak and do the wrong thing. Unfortunately, the gospel accounts are not at all consistent in how they portray these events.

2- Why Was Jesus Put on Trial?
The trial of Jesus provides readers with a stark contrast between the figure of Jesus and the corrupt authorities, be they Jewish or Roman. This allows the gospel authors to more easily portray Jesus as a heroic figure, someone worth following. For some reason, though, the gospel authors have conflicting information about what occurred during Jesus’ trial. It isn’t even clear how they would have known any of the details in the first place.

3- To which authorities were Jesus taken after arrest?
Jesus is taken to Caiphas, the high priest, after he is arrested [Mark 14:53; Matthew 26:57; Luke 22:54]
Jesus is taken first to Caiphas’ son-in-law Annas, then to Caiphas (after an unknown time) [John 18:13-24]

4- Jesus has a hearing on the charges, but when? With whom?
Jesus is charged on Passover eve and taken to Pilate in the morning [Mark 14:53-72, 15:1; Matthew 26:18-20, 57-68, 27:1-2]
Jesus’ first hearing occurs on Passover morning [Luke 22:13-15, 54-66]
Jesus’ first hearing occurs on the day before Passover [John 18:28, 19:14]

4-Jesus’ trial is a central event of the Passion, but before whom was the trial held?
Jesus is tried by the whole Sanhedrin [Mark 14:55-64, Matthew 26:59-66]
The Sanhedrin hold an inquiry about Jesus, but no trial [Luke 22:66-71]
The Sanhedrin don’t even hold an official inquiry; Jesus just appears before Annas and Caiphas [John 18:13-24]

5- What was nature of interrogation by High Priest?
Jesus is asked if he is the Son of the Blessed and answers “I am.” [Mark 14:61]
Jesus is asked if he is the Son of God and answers “You have said so.” [Matthew 26:63; Luke 22:70]
Jesus is not interrogated by the High Priest [John]

6- Jesus is Interrogated by Herod: As the man in charge of Jewish affairs, what role did Herod play in Jesus’ arrest and trial?
Pilate sent Jesus to Herod who questions Jesus then sends him back [Luke 23:7-11]
Matthew, Mark, John - No mention is made of Herod at all

7- Jesus is Interrogated by Pilate:
If Jesus was interrogated by Pilate, what happened? The gospels disagree.
Pilate asks if he is King of the Jews and Jesus says “You have said so.” He doesn’t answer any of the charges [Mark 15:2; Matthew 27:11; Luke 23:3]
Pilate asks the same thing, but Jesus answers “Do you say this of your own accord?” and answers all the charges [John 18:33-34]

8- Jesus and Barabbas: The scene where Barabbas is released instead of Jesus is famous, but inconsistently described.
The chief priests get the people to demand the release of Barabbas; his crimes are insurrection and murder [Mark 15:11]
Priests and elders get people to demand the release of Barabbas; his crimes are unknown [Matthew 27:20]
The people demand Barabbas’ release; his crimes are insurrection and murder [Luke 23:18-23]
The people demand Barabbas’ release; he is described as a robber [John 18:40]

9- Jesus is given before being crucified but what sort of and why?
Jesus is made to wear a purple robe by Roman soldiers as a sign of royalty (for which he is being mocked) [Mark 15:17; John 19:2]
Jesus is made to wear a scarlet robe by Roman soldiers as a symbol of infamy [Matthew 27:28]
Jesus is given a robe by Herod and his soldiers, not by the Roman soldiers [Luke 23:11]

10- Disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane:
While Jesus waited in the Garden of Gethsemane to be betrayed, his disciples failed to show their faith - but how often?
Jesus’ disciples fall asleep three times [Mark 14:37-41; Matthew 26:40-45]
Jesus’ disciples fall asleep just one time John doesn’t mention this at all [Luke 22:45]

11- How Judas betrays Jesus?
Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss, then Jesus is taken prisoner [Mark 14:44-46; Matthew 26:49-50]
Judas’ kiss is anticipated by Jesus and it’s not mentioned if the kiss occurs [Luke 22:47-48]
Judas doesn’t have to betray Jesus, who voluntarily identifies himself. Again, no kiss is mentioned [John 18:2-9]

12-Jesus Gives Advices on Swords:
One of the curious incidents during Jesus’ arrest is his advice on swords and violence.
Jesus advises his disciple to get rid of swords because those who “live by the sword shall die by it.” [Matthew 26:52]
Jesus advises his disciples to buy swords Mark and John don’t mention swords at all [Luke 22:36-38]

13-Peter’s First Denial: Where and how did Peter give his first denial of Jesus?
Peter only denies Jesus to a maid [Mark 14:66-68; Luke 22:56-57; John 18:17]
Peter denies Jesus first to a maid and then to “them all.” [Matthew 26:69-70]

14- Peter’s Second Denial:
To whom did Peter give his second denial of Jesus?
Peter appears to deny Jesus to the same maid [Mark 14:69-70]
The second time, Peter denies Jesus to a different maid [Matthew 26:71-72]
Peter denies Jesus to some unidentified man [Luke 22:58]
Peter denies Jesus to a an unidentified group described as “they.” [John 18:25]

15- Peter’s Third Denial:
To whom did Peter deny Jesus on the third time?
Peter denies Jesus to a group of unidentified people [Mark 14:70-71; Matthew 26:73-74]
Peter denies Jesus to a single, unidentified man [Luke 22:59-60]
Peter denies Jesus to a single, unidentified servant [John 18:26-27]

16- For Whom Does the Cock Crow?:
Some gospels relate that the cock crowed after Peter denied Jesus, but how often?
The cock crowed twice [Mark 14:72]
The cock crowed once [Matthew 26:74]
Luke and John don’t mention a cock crowing at all

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