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Why One Should Not Trust The Bible?

Why One Should Not Trust The Bible?

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"No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says; he is always convinced that it says what he means." George Bernard Shaw

1- Bible teaches God is not divine and there is a plurality of God (Genesis 1:26, Genesis 3:22)

2- Bible tells us that ordinary humans can be God

3- There are more than 200+ contradiction in today's Bible

4- The Bible teaches human race is a racist, depraved, fallen, and sinful

5- There are over 500+ errors in today's Bible (1001 Errors In Bible [Source])

6- Bible teaches that the Prophets were naked, sinful and drunk and adulterer. (2 Sam 6:20, Gen 9:21, 1 Sam 19:23, etc)

7- It doesn't provide woman with equal rights and status
Does Bible give Equal rights to Women ?
Women Abused In Bible | Bible Hates Woman

8- Bible condemns both remarrying and divorce. [Luke 6:18]

9- Bible encourage us to do sins. It teaches us that every sin they commit will be taken by Jesus

10- The Gospels have contradiction among themself

11- The Gospels were written by men, not revealed by God

12- The Bible have been rewritten, changed, edited and verses has been deleted from it through centuries
The Rewritten Bible

13- Bible teaches God is evil and bad. Bible teaches that God needed to repent like humans (Exodus 32:14)

14- Bible teaches racism, It teaches that Satan ( Job 2:1, Job 38:7), David (Psalm 2:7), Adam (Luke 3:38), etc were the sons of God but were not unique as Jesus.

15- The God of Bible is more than a serial killer, Bible teaches he killed more humans than Satan
How Many People God Killed In Bible?

16- The Bible is full of dirty and nude sex
I quote from Professor Ben Edward Akerley; “Anyone who doubts that there is much sex in the Bible need only read Genesis to find in just that opening chapter explicit and graphic examples of several varieties of incest, rape, adultery, indecent exposure, pimping, homosexual assault, bigamy, ritualistic circumcision, attempted seduction of a youth by an older woman, prostitution, baby-making by proxy, use of both an aphrodisiac and a fertility drug, fornication with devils, women punished with sterility, husband-swapping, masturbation/withdrawal, and a fertility contest with four female contestants.”

17- The Bible increases the sexual desires in a reader

18- The Bible is mixed of men laws, it approve selling one's daughter (Exodus 21:7) , Raping (Deuteronomy 22:28-29), Etc

19- The Present Bible have contradiction among themself for example
If we see 2 Chronicles 36:9 telling about Jehoiachin age some version of Bible tells it was 18 while some say 8 

20 - There are no “original texts” of the Bible.

21- The Bible teaches that the Prophet were Pagans, describing Solomon Bible says his wives turn him towards other gods (1 King 11:3)

22- Bible teaches that God will make people fall into adultery (Jermiah 8:9, Isaiah ) yet it is sinful (Exodus 20:14, Leviticus 20:10) . Thus God wants the people to be put to death

23- Bible teaches that God demands human sacrifices (1 Kings 13:1-2, Deuteronomy 13:13-19, Joshua 7:15, Etc)

24- Bible is not tolerant towards other religion. God wants people to kill Non-Christians, even if they are their parents
Religious Intolerance In Bible

25- Bible explicitly approves of stoning even on a short crime or sin example stealing (Joshua 7:20-26)

26- The interpretation of today's Bible has root of Paganism making Christianity the biggest Pagan religion
Pagan Origins Of Christianity

27- The Bible were not written or revealed by God nor is a God's word, But its a collection of men law who approved rape, slavery, murderer, stoning, human sacrifices, etc. God has never revealed such things

28- If the Bible was the God's word, there would have been only one Gospel so there shall not be confusion and contradiction between them. The Gospels were written by ordinary men.

29- The Christian missionaries have right to add or delete the Gospels in it. Eg: Gospel of Barnabs, though the others Gospels too have many errors. Moreover, there are lost Gospels such as Gospel of Jesus, Gospel of Mary, etc (The Lost Gospels with hidden facts)

30- The Bible shows that God is all abusive using the word such as bastards in his Book (Deut 23:2, Hebrew 12:8)

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