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Doubting The Gospel Of Mark

Doubting The Gospel Of Mark

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Doubting The Gospel Of Mark
Just who was the real author of the Gospel of Mark?
Doubting the Gospel

He sat down and called the TWELVE apostles. He told them, "Whoever wants to be the most important person must take the last place and be a servant to everyone else." [Mark 9:35]

This anonymous gospel was the first to be written, between 60 and 80CE, by a Roman convert to Christianity. It was copied word-for-word and used extensively by Matthew and Luke, as their primary source although they edited some details. Nevertheless, the gospel author didn't meet Jesus, wrote in Greek, not Hebrew, and was not a Jew. It is unlikely that Mark knew any Jews. There was no-one to correct his blunders about Jewish life, such as misquoting the 10 commandments, attributing God's words to Moses, and having Jews buy things on the Sabbath. The Gospel of Mark has undergone many changes and there are several ancient versions. The oldest versions of Mark all end at Mark 16:8 many with the words "according to Mark". 9-20 was a later edition by a different unknown author. The Gospel of Mark contradicts the other gospels on many points and contains internal inconsistencies, some of these were later fixed by Matthew and Luke when they made their own copies of Mark. Half way through the second century the Christian proto-orthodox had come to call it 'Mark', although the author is unknown. [Source]

The Gospel known to us as the Gospel According to St Mark or St Mark's Gospel does not identify its author. It was not until the second century that an attempt was made to assign an author to the Gospel, when it was attributed by the Church Fathers to the Apostle Mark, thus giving this previously anonymous Gospel the name "Gospel According to St Mark". Eusebius (Ecclesiastical History, 3.39) says that it was Papias, bishop of Hieropolis in Asia Minor (ca.130), who named Mark as the author of the gospel and the 'interpreter' of Peter. It seems likely that he was influenced by the first epistle of Peter, a pseudonymous document from the second century, where a Mark is mentioned as Peter's son (l Peter 5:13). Since 1 Peter is now known not to have really been written by the apostle Peter, this just adds another level of unsupported conjecture to the quest for the author of Mark's Gospel.

Strictly speaking, the work is anonymous, in that no claim of authorship is inherently made within the letter itself. However, there is evidence both in Scripture and in history to support John Mark, cousin of Barnabas (Colossians 4:10), early traveling companion of Paul (Acts 12:25), and spiritual son of Peter (I Peter 5:13) as the author of the gospel. [Source]

Not even the Bible claims that Mark was an eye witness to Jesus’ ministry. Modern, non Christian biblical  scholars believe that the gospel of Mark was written in Syria by an unknown Christian no earlier than AD 70, using various sources including a passion narrative (probably written), collections of miracles stories (oral or written), apocalyptic traditions (probably written), and disputations and didactic sayings (some possibly written). These stories were in circulation year after year, told in different languages and in different countries from that of Jesus.
Source : http://thechurchoftruth.wordpress.com/synoptic-gospels-not-writen-by-matt-mark-luke-or-john/

Below is a prove that verses have been added in Mark thus it got corrupted

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