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Testimony of Nikki Amberg

Testimony of Nikki Amberg

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Testimony of Nikki Amberg

Both my parents were born and raised in Catholic families. I don’t know how my dad grew up in a Catholic family, but my mom’s family was really big into religion. They went to church every Sunday. She had gone to a Catholic school from elementary through high school, so for 12 years of her life, she had studied and followed the Catholic religion.

So, by the time I, and my brother a few years later, was born, my parents raised us as Catholics. My dad’s oldest sister, who sings in the choir at the church we’d go to, made sure that both my brother and I were baptized and that I had gone through communion to be able to receive the body of Christ, which was a little wafer. My aunt also tried to get me confirmed with the church, but I never actually went through with it because life became busy. My parents also had me go to Sunday school at the same place my mom had gone to school when she was a kid to learn more about the religion. After the class, we would go to the mass, sometimes with my dad’s youngest sister and her family. But I was bored. I never really got into the religion, so eventually my parents stopped going and so did my brother and I.

So, for years, I never had gone to church, except on a few occasions when someone was getting married, or I was having some problems and had turned to God for answers. I’ve always believed in God, the devil, and angels, but never followed any religion. I never liked being told how to follow a religion. I never liked being told that certain things would put me in heaven or hell. These were people and I was mad that they were there telling me what I was doing was right or wrong and judging me when they had no right to. I always thought that as long as I believed in those things, then why it matter what religion I belong to. To me, believing in God and staying true to Him and myself was the important thing, nothing else. I have tried a couple different churches of other different forms of Christianity, but it didn’t feel right. And it felt like no matter what church I had gone to, the people looked down on you. So, I gave up on religion all together.

About a year and 7 months ago, I had just gotten on summer vacation from the university I was attending. Really having nothing to do, I was sitting around and browsing the internet. One day, some random person from Europe sent me a friends request on Skype. Even though I didn’t know him, I’d figured I’d add him to talk, and if I decided that I didn’t like him, I would just delete and block him. We started talking for a little while and we decide to add each other on Facebook. After we add each other, he tells me about this group he was in about people who were learning English, and he wanted to add me to help out because I’m a native speaker. I told him I’d try to help out if I could, so he added me. It was in this group that I had met and made my first few Muslim friends. It wasn’t long after that that someone else had added me to another English group to help out there. It was this other group that I had met who is now my fiancé.

At first, I was just working with him one on one to improve his English. While we were talking, he was telling me where he was from and that he was a Muslim because we had met not long before Ramadan started. He explained to me a little bit about Ramadan, but at the time, I didn’t think much of it because of not being fond of religion. The more we talked, the more we had fallen in love, and the more he brought up the subject of religion. I would listen to him, but would think nothing of it because I had another Muslim friend who would preach Islam to me and try to force me to convert and it really irritated me when he did. So, I pushed back and pushed away from what they were telling me.

Sometime later, my fiancé told me about this friend he made in the same country I’m from who just converted. He introduced me to Diane and told me she was a good person and good friend and I should talk to her. After some time, she told me some about her converting and tells me a little about Islam. One day she had told me that if I planned on marrying him, even if I didn’t convert, I should at least know about his religion to understand him better. That is when she started to teach me and answer all the questions I had and I’m very thankful she was patient with me because I had a lot of questions.

This past summer, I had some problems with some evil spirits. I had woken up in the middle of the night to see a shadow of a dog with red eyes at the side of my bed staring at me. I wasn’t scared, I felt nothing, but I was frozen. I felt like I couldn’t move, so I stared at it until it disappeared. I told my dad about it a few days later (both him and I can sense and feel spiritual energy so that’s why I went to him) and he said there shouldn’t be anything to worry about, so I just brushed the incident off. A few days later, I’m having dinner with my dad, and he tells me that he had a dream (my dad always says it’s easier for spirits to communicate when someone is sleeping), about me. He said he was shown pictures so the dream wasn’t that clear to him, but he told me that he saw me, a large body of water, some young man from some country from a troubled part of the world and that someone wasn’t being honest. The only person I could think of was my fiancé and I freaked out. I went to my room and tried to find answers, only to accidently open a portal for evil spirits. I felt like a weight was being pushed down on me and could tell there was evil in the room by my dog’s reaction. She came to me to try to protect me and growled and whined a bit. It managed to stop the spirits for a little bit, but I felt as though one jumped inside me. I don’t remember much of what else happened that night, all I remember is looking at my dog staring at me with sad eyes like she was defeated from trying to protect me.

I remember eventually talking to Diane and my fiancé about it later that night, and they managed to calm me down. That was when Diane introduced me to Aminul because he knew more than her about these evil spirits, or jinns is what they told me they’re called in Islam. I still don’t remember much about what happened but I do remember that he said some prayer. Even though I couldn’t understand what he was saying because I don’t know Arabic, I felt a huge weight be lifted from me and I just cried because I was so happy that I felt lighter and better.

A few days later, whatever the evil spirit was, had returned for a short amount of time that day. It was giving me bad thoughts. I kept hearing a deep, evil voice telling me to kill my fiancé. I fought hard to control it. I prayed the only way I knew how. I told Diane and another friend about it. Diane had said another prayer and my other friend had told me about this old Native American trick to get rid of unwanted, evil spirits. So, between trying her trick and Diane’s prayer it helped get rid of whatever evil spirit was there telling me those bad things. Even though I haven’t converted yet, this experience has pushed me to learn more about Islam before I do convert.

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