Friday, 26 October 2012

Testimoney of George Mitrakos

Testimoney of George Mitrakos

Testimoney of George Mitrakos

Bismillah Hir Rehman Ir Raheem
Start In the Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful

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How George found Islam on social netwroking site (Facebook)?

Two years ago when I was a 17 year old teenager, was involved with drinking and smoking weed and playing in my band.During that time I was called to go to the sates in Alabama to join a band. So I did. When I got there, my family member brought me to a baptist church.A few weeks later Ii accepted jesus as my lord and savior in the Alabama baptist church.Later on i found this christianity page where muslims athiests and christians debated. I asked my relative( who is a former pastor) who are these muslims?. The reply was "they have a pedophile prophet their women are opressed they beat them and they are terroists So i started debating them..While reading the bible thou, ii never considered jesus to be god, but son of god. Until they programmed it in my head that he was god. The christian life seemed easy. i even got high with a few christians in the states and a former pastor pretty funny.
Finally I went back home.But i still drank and went out and smoked because jesus would forgive me, but with time i realized that i learned a new hobby i.e. condemning people. i told my sister she is going to hell, i was telling people they were also going to hell. A little after that, a muslim added me from that same christian page and he told me "brother.. one day u will think back to this day and say to urself, this is why me and merouane became friends. and you will remember this day". i didnt put to much thought into it. Me and him had friendly discussions and he constantly told me about true islam. But it wasnt his proof that got me thinking.. it was his kindess.. The christians that i knew wer mean..i asked them for help and there replay was.."u have a bible read it!"
Some even had the heart to tell me my 15 cousin was in hell and i believed it..Yet merouane came to me on fb everyday telling me about koran almost every day... But in the meantime i was hearing ppl say the koran has evil verses.. so i said" il get one and try to convert muslims to christianity from the koran" but while reading it i fell in love with it. So i put it down and furthered my research about christianity.When i found out protestantism was wrong (i prayed to god and asked him if it was right and he answered me through my girlfriends dream.
She texted me and told me she had a dream and it was my answer she didnt even know i prayed and god answered me through her if you dont beleive me she can bear witness she's not religious. you can ask me and I wil tell her to talk to you guys.) so I started going to other religions such as buddhism,hinduism and spirituality..But for some odd reason through this whole time islam was always in the back of my head. I kept thinking about it so I started reading koran again slowly. posting a few koran verses on facebook as soon as i did riot started. My famiy found out my friends found out and i got lectured. I found it strange how when i post one koran verse they go nuts.. but one christian verse everyone is happy...a little bias there was one time i was in the park with a fellow christian and there was a muslim mom playing soccer with there kid.. and the christian with me said" i heard they dress really slutty under that becuase they feel so opressed and not pretty. So I said to myself being muslim wont work. So i returned to my families faith which is christian orthodoxy.. mostly to keep peace..But i couldnt..based on the evidence So I became Agnostic for a bit but even then I really wanted Islam so badly so Ii said I will do it quietly and soon after I told my mom I want to be muslim and she accepted it. But its still hidden from the rest of my family. Aminul found me and did shahada with me. But i really wanted merouane to be present while i do my shahada on fb and ironicaly right when i was gonna do it he goes on then i thought to myself" this is why we became friends and i wont forget the day we did" just like he told me.

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