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Was Pharaoh saved or drowned?

Was Pharaoh saved or drowned?

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Was Pharaoh killed or not killed by drowning?
Miracle Of Quran | Preservation Of Pharaoh Body

Non-Muslisms try to contradict verses of Quran relation to event of Pharoah. Was he save or drowned? The verses are

"We took the Children of Israel across the sea: Pharaoh and his hosts followed them in insolence and spite. At length, when overwhelmed with the flood, he said: "I believe that there is no god except Him Whom the Children of Israel believe in: I am of those who submit (to Allah in Islam). (It was said to him): "Ah now!- But a little while before, wast thou in rebellion!- and thou didst mischief (and violence)!  This day shall We save thee in the body, that thou mayest be a sign to those who come after thee! but verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our Signs!" (10:90-92).

Moses said, "Thou knowest well that these things have been sent down by none but the Lord of the heavens and the earth as eye-opening evidence: and I consider thee indeed, OPharaoh, to be one doomed to destruction!"  So he resolved to remove them from the face of the earth: but We did drown him and all who were with him," (17:102-103).

So is there a contradiction? No!

Pharorah was drowned in the river. There is no such contradciotion. If we read the verse again it states
"This day shall We save thee in the body, that thou mayest be a sign to those who come after thee! but verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our Signs" [Quran 10:92]
[Read Miracle Of Quran | Preservation Of Pharaoh Body which tells us that Pharoah body was found in 20 century and is on display in a musem]

It is quite clear from the verse that only the Pharoah's body was saved as a sign for coming generation.
The Pharaoh's dead body was saved
 but he was not saved from the hell fire. This is because he repented only when the death approached him. And repentence at the face of death is not accepted as Allah says:

"Allah accept the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and repent soon afterwards; to them will Allah turn in mercy: For Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom. Of no effect is the repentance of those who continue to do evil, until death faces one of them, and he says, "Now have I repented indeed;" nor of those who die rejecting Faith: for them have We prepared a punishment most grievous." [Qur'├ón 4:17-18]
What Happened To The Pharaoh Body | Quran Vs Bible

Further, this can be clarified by below verse that Pharoah will be among the Hell Fire
"Pharoah said: "O Chiefs! no god do I know for you but myself: therefore, O Haman! light me a (kiln to bake bricks) out of clay, and build me a lofty palace, that I may mount up to the god of Moses: but as far as I am concerned, I think (Moses) is a liar!" And he was arrogant and insolent in the land, beyond reason,- He and his hosts: they thought that they would not have to return to Us! So We seized him and his hosts, and We flung them into the sea: Now behold what was the end of those who did wrong! And we made them (but) leaders inviting to the Fire; and on the Day of Judgment no help shall they find. In this world We made a curse to follow them and on the Day of Judgment they will be among the loathed (and despised)." [Quran 38:42]

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