Friday, 26 October 2012

Testimony of Lana Krizlistan

Testimony of Lana Krizlistan

Testimony of Lana Krizlistan

Bismillah Hir Rehman Ir Raheem
Start In the Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful

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From : United States of America

Up until last December 2011, I lived my life as a devout Christian. Every day I submitted to God by praying, worshipping, learning and volunteering my time to the Church. My two God given gifts are evangelism and teaching. On Facebook I made several Muslim friends. I had never known one before, and I learned they were just like "us." I started studying the Koran to understand how to witness and evangelize Muslims. Back then I believed that I would convince my Muslim friends by evidence that Jesus was God. I had no idea what I would find. As i read the Koran, God spoke to my heart and revealed He was my redemption, He was Merciful. He was God alone. What separated Islam from Christianity is Jesus' divinity. Carefully, I studied Jesus' teachings. In my eyes, he is the most miraculous person to ever walk this earth. I remember from my days of youth being told "The main things are the plain things" in scripture. Well, I studied Jesus' life and words. Of the hundreds of bible studies throughout my years I never questioned what i was taught; nor did I ever have to defend Christianity. What I found was Jesus never said "Worship me," not once did he say "Pray to me," not once did he say he was "God." Jesus said Love God; Love your neighbor; and obey what I teach.
If we all loved God, our neighbor, and obeyed God's commandments how beautiful this world would be. Because evil is evil, there is no Abrahamic religion associated with darkness. Love of God is the greatest commandment. We all share this.
This is the abbreviated story of my journey from being a born again Christian to follower of the One True God. My love and devotion to Jesus does not change, and i also love Mohammad and all the Prophets. The believers should not fight the other believers. We should fight Evil together, and our reward will be great in heaven. Peace be with you and fear and worship only Allah/God.
I've targeted this testomony to believing christians, this is why there is no Muslim language in it.

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