Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bismillah Hir Rehman Ir Raheem
Start In the Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful

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Defending The Truth Till Death

Quran Miracles and Prophesis Testimonies Muhammad Christianity Bible Hadith
Quran Vs Bible Women Islamic Links Zionism Atheist Islam About Us

How Quran Corrects Bible
Quran Preaches Good | Good Things In Quran
Quran The Book With No Doubt
Selected Beautiful Verses Of Quran
Quran and Science | Mountains As Pegs
First Iron from meteors
The Sun Will Expire Modern Science Confirms Quran
Female Honey Bee Produce Honey
Clouds Having Weight Mentioned In Noble Quran
Miracle Of Surah-Rehman (The Seas Which Doesn't Meet)
Science Confirms Quran Again | Existence Of Underwater Waves
Quran and Science| Layers Of Skin

Arrival Of Muhammad mentioned 32 times In Bible
Islam and Muhammad Prophesied In Bible 
Muslim Faith Is Actually Supported By Bible
Have you known the Truth? John 8:31-2 Examined
Zamzam | The Holy Water Mention In Bible
Muhammad In Bible
Prophets In Bible Prayed as Muslims Prays Today
Makkah And Hajj (Pilgrimage) In Bible

450+ Contradictions In Bible
Why One Should Not Trust The Bible?
Passages From Bible Denying Its Authenticity
Do Not Ignore The OT
A Commentary On The Four Gospels
The Problem With Book Of Revelation
False Prophecies, Errors and Problem In Bible
Errors And Problems In Bible 
False Prophecies In Bible
Fairy Tales In Bible
Refuting Genesis 1
Refuting Genesis 2
Refuting Genesis 3

Pagan Origins Of Christianity
Different types of Salvation In Christianity
Early Christians Rejected Trinity
Why is Trinity false?
Trinity and Paganism

8 passages from Bible to proof that Jesus wasn't God
Examining John 1:1 | The Biggest Lie To Prove Trinity
Attributes of Bible god vs The Attributes of Jesus
Every Prophet was the way, truth and life
Is Jesus God According to John 10:30?
Does John 5:18 Prove Jesus's Divinity?
Is Jesus Equal To The Father?
Jesus And Satan | Temptation Of Christ
38 Simple Reasons Why Is Jesus Not God
Crucifixion Also Refuted by Psalm 118
The Christ Was Not Crucified!
Why Christ Can't Be Crucified?

Women | Quran Vs Bible
What Quran and Bible Says On Prophets
What Happened To The Pharaoh Body | Quran Vs Bible
Astronomical Errors In Bible And Comparison With Quran
Honor Killings and Stoning Adulter in Islam or Christianity ?

Co-education In Islam | Its Harms And Solution
Forty Ahadith On Ramzan
Islamic Ruling On Pictures/Photography
Why Islam Prohibits Pork?
72 Signs Of Doomsday (Akhira)
Sects In Islam | Confused Which One to Follow?
The 30 Liars Before Last Hours
Islam At A Glance
Muslims As Brothers And One Ummah
Hurting Someone Or Abusing Him In Islam
Rights Of Neighbor In Islam
Good Manners In Islam

10 Misconceptions about Islam
Does Islam Promotes Racism?
Islam Opposes Terrorism, Oppression and Injustice | Islam In Its Own Word
Exposing Lies Of
What Is Jihad?
Is Muslim's Rule Cruel?
Why Are Most Muslims Terrorists?
Is Allah A Moon God?
Who Is Muhmmad? Is He God?

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