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Quran and Science | First Iron from meteors

Quran and Science | First Iron from Meteors

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Yes! Iron did came from meteors. It sounds strange but science confirms with it. Iron comes in both forms natural occurance and from meteors. The first use of iron came from meteors. (Source)
Note = We are not talking about all of the Iron produced on earth but Iron which came from meteors

M. E. Walrath in his book History of the Earth’s Formation wrote
"Iron is not natural to the earth.  It did not form on the earth but came down to earth from outer space.  This may sound strange but it’s true.  Scientists have found that billions of years ago the earth was stuck by meteorites.  These meteorites were carrying Iron from distant stars which had exploded"
[M. E. Walrath, History of the Earth’s Formation]

Talking about Iron from meteors David Darling  writes in 2003
"Since they are also denser than stony meteorites, iron meteorites also account for almost 90% of the mass of all known meteorites, about 500 tons"
[The Universal Book of Astronomy: From the Andromeda Galaxy to the Zone of Avoidance by David Darling (2003), p. 260]

The Quran says the following on the origin of Iron:
We sent down Iron with its great inherent strength and its many benefits for humankind.” (Quran 57:25)

God uses the words ‘sent down’ for Iron.  It is clear from the verse that Iron was not an earthly material, but was sent down for the benefit of humanity.  The fact that Iron came down to earth from outer space is something which could not be known by the primitive science of the 7th century.
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