Sunday, 13 October 2013

Testimony of Halimah

Testimony of Halimah

Bismillah Hir Rehman Ir Raheem
Start In the Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful

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How I Came To Islam

All My Life I Was Raised Church Of England, But It Felt Wrong. Like I Was On The Outside Looking In, I Just Thought I Wasn't Doing Enough To Be A Proper Christian. When I Was About 13 I Had A Dream I Was In A Forrest And I Was Being Chased By This Big Black Thing, It Snarled And Drooled And Howled, I Didn't Know What It Was But I Needed To Get Away From It Cause I Knew It Would Hurt Me, Then All Of A Sudden I Heard This Voice, I Heard Someone Calling My Name, Whispering For Me To Come To Them, That I'd Be Safe. So I Carried On Running, Then Bam! I Was In The Middle Of A Desert And There Was A Man, Shoulder Length Hair, A Beard, He Was In A White Tunic, Just Crouched On A Rock, Not Speaking, Not Doing Anything, I Walked Towards Him And Tried To Look At His Face, But It Was Just A Bright Light, The More I Tried Looking At His Face The Brighter The Light Got... He Held Out His Hand And Out Of Nowhere, A Qur'an Appeared, I Reached Out To Take It And I Woke Up Crying. I Knew As Soon As I Woke Up I Had Just Met Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alayhe Wa Sallam.

Because I Was Only 13 I Didn't Understand What It Meant And Unfortunately I Pushed It Out My Mind, Around Half Way Through 2010 When I Turned 16, I Started Reading Books And Asking Questions. Then On The 30th January 2013, 6 Months Before My 19th Birthday I Took My Shahadah, And I Have Never Looked Back, Alhamdulillah My Life Has Changed For The Better And I Am So Glad I Took The Jump And Did What Finally Made ME Happy Instead Of Trying To Keep My Family Happy.

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