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Refuting Ali Sina On Charges "Muhammad as A Narcissist"

Refuting Ali Sina On Charges "Muhammad as A Narcissist"

Refuting Ali Sina On Charges "Muhammad as A Narcissist"

Bismillah Hir Rehman Ir Raheem
Start In the Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful

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The Short Defination of Narcissit is " Someone in love with themselves."

He Wrote:
The following two verses express vividly Muhammad's sense of self importance and grandiosity.
Truly, Allah and His angels send praise and blessings [forever] upon the Prophet. O you who believe! Praise and bless the Prophet with utmost laud and blessing. (Q.33:56)
In order that you (O men) may believe in Allah and His Messenger, that you may assist and honor Him, and celebrate His praise morning and evening. (Q.48:9)

My Response :
Wrong. There are verses in Quran stating that Allah will blessed and Uplift the people beside Muhammad. If Muhammad have self importance then Quran hadn't said that. Remember self-importance means "An inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to OTHERS"

For Example:

Allah Will Send His Blessings On People Who Accepted Him and Believe in Him
"If the people of the towns had but believed and feared Allah, We should indeed have opened out to them (All kinds of) blessings from heaven and earth..." (Al-A'raaf 7:96)

So If Muhammad had a self-importance and grandiosity why would Quran states Allah pouring his blessings on other People beside Muhammad?

Moreover, This verse only talks about sending Blessings to Muhammad (Pbuh). Muhsin Khan wrotes in his transaltion of Quran about the verse Quran 33:56.
It is Narrated In Shahi Bukhari Vol 4 Hadith 589

Narated By Abdur-Rahman bin Abi Laila : Ka'b bin Ujrah met me and said, "Shall I not give you a present I got from the Prophet?" 'Abdur-Rahman said, "Yes, give it to me." I said, "We asked Allah's Apostle saying, 'O Allah's Apostle! How should one (ask Allah to) send blessings on you, the members of the family, for Allah has taught us how to salute you (in the prayer)?' He said, 'Say: O Allah! Send Your Mercy on Muhammad and on the family of Muhammad, as You sent Your Mercy on Abraham and on the family of Abraham, for You are the Most Praise-worthy, the Most Glorious. O Allah! Send Your Blessings on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as You sent your Blessings on Abraham and on the family of Abraham, for You are the Most Praise-worthy, the Most Glorious."

Here we can also see that the particular supplication (Dua) read to send blessings to Muhammad also confirms Allah sending blessings to Abraham. So is Prophet Abraham is a narcissit too?
Moreover, Ali Sina doesn't even know that we can send blessings (Dua) to everyone. Does this makes them narcissit to?

In Verse 48:9 Ali Sina is trying to tell us that Quran states to praise the Messenger and then he is pointing him as a narcissit. However, I think he didn't see the capital "H" in the verse which means Allah not Muhammad. So now it is quite clear about what the verse is talking about. It states
Quran 48:9
"In order that you (O men) may believe in Allah and Allah's Messenger, that you may assist and honor Allah, and celebrate Allah's praise morning and evening."

He Wrote:
He was so impressed with himself, that he put the following words in the mouth of his sock puppet deity: And you (stand) on an exalted standard of character (Q.68:4) and are a lamp with spreading light. (Q.33:46)

My Response:
The Explanation of Ayah 33:46 is
"And as one who invites to Allah [Islamic Monotheism, i.e. to worship none but Allah (Alone)] by His Leave, and as a lamp spreading light (through your instructions from the Quran and the Sunnah the legal ways of the Prophet SAW)."

A lamp spreading light ? Now someone might think that Muhammad got praised in this verse and had a self-importance. However, the phrase "lamp spreading light" here actually refers to the time of darkness when people worship idols, suns, etc. We all know that during the time of Muhammad the Makkah was in the time of darkness.
For Example:
Before the time of Muhammad the people use to bury their female daughters alive as they consider her a burden on them. Such was the darkness of society.
So Prophet Muhammad uplift the status of Women in Makkah to spread the light in dark for the women.

Prophet once said : Ibn `Abbas recounted, "Whoever had a female who was not buried nor insulted by him, and had not preferred his male children to her, Allah admits him to Paradise." [ Transmitted by Abu Dawud, 5/5146; and Al-Hakim who corrected it 4/177, approved by Al-Dhahaby.]

"Whoever has three daughters or sisters, or two daughters of two sisters, and lives along with them in a good manner, and has patience with them, and fears Allah with regard to them will enter Paradise." (Reported by Abu Dawud, Al-Tirmidhee and others)

Quran recalls the burying of female alive in the following verse
[Surah 81:8-9]
"And when the female (infant) buried alive (as the pagan Arabs used to do) shall be questioned. For what sin was she killed?"
[An-Nahl 16:58-59]
"And when the news of (the birth of) a female (child) is brought to any of them, his face becomes dark, and he is filled with inward grief! He hides himself from the people because of the evil of that whereof he has been informed. Shall he keep her with dishonor or bury her in the earth? Certainly, evil is their decision."

Pagan Arabs were in darkness before the time of Muhammad as I clearly prove you above. Moreover, Muhammad was the one who uplift the status of Women and his people during his time. Now it is quite clear what does the phrase "lamp spreading light (in drak)" means. Quran 33:40 and 33:45 states Muhammad (PBUH) nothing more then a warner and the last Messenger.

Coming to Surah 68:4 which states
" And indeed, you are of a great moral character."

Ali Sina is again wrong iin saying that here again Muhammad is being praised and. This Verse only talks about the noble and uniqe character of Muhammad.
Let us see how was the character of Muhammad.

Anas (radi Allahu anhu) said: “I served the Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) for ten years, and he never said a word of displeasure to me (uff), nor did he ever say to me concerning something I had done, ‘Why did you do that?’ And he never said to me concerning something I had not done, ‘Why didn’t you do this?’ He had the best character, and I never touched any silk or anything else that was softer than the palm of the Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam). And I never smelt any musk or perfume that had a better fragrance than the sweat of the Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam). (Sahih Muslim)

Aaishah (Radhiallahu 'Anha) said: "Allaah's Messenger (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) never hit anything with his hand ever, except when fighting in the path of Allaah. Nor did he ever hit a servant or a woman."  [Recorded by Ibn Maajah. Al-Albaanee graded it Saheeh.]

Read More About his Noble Character:

He Wrote:

Ibn Saad reports Muhammad saying: 
Among all the people of the world God chose the Arabs.  From among the Arabs he chose the Kinana.  From Kinana he chose the Quraish (the tribe of Muhammad).  From the Quraish he chose Bani Hashim (his clan). And from Bani Hashim he chose me. Tabaqat V. 1 p. 2 

The following are some of the claims Muhammad made about himself in the hadith.
The very first thing that Allah Almighty ever created was my soul.
First of all things, the Lord created my mind.
I am from Allah, and the believers are from me.
Just as Allah created me noble, he also gave me noble characters.
Were it not for you, [O Muhammad] I would not have created the universe.

My Response:

Firstly, Ali Sina didn't wrote any authentic source of Tabaqat nor did he tell us about any origin ob the tabaqat. He only wrotes "Tabaqat V. 1 p. 2 "
Let me remind him that there are many different tabaqat.

However, That is a fabricated hadith not even approved my scholars. All Ali Sina can do is quote fabricated hadith. This hadith is a fabricated one according to scholars. But even if we assume it is correct. Still it doesn't prove that he is narcissist. Reasons :
1. Muhammad (pbuh) was considered an honest and Truthful man even by the pagan Arabs before his prophethood. He spoke whatever God Almighty commanded him.
2. It is not only mentioned in the Hadith but it is also said by God Almighty to Adam (pbuh) in the Gospel of Barnabas. Chapter 39. It reads

"'Adam, having sprung up upon his feet, saw in the air a writing that shone like the sun, which said: "There is only one God, and Mohammed is the messenger of God." Whereupon Adam opened his mouth and said: "I thank thee, O Lord my God, that thou hast deigned to create me; but tell me. I pray thee, what meaneth the message of these words: "Mohammed is messenger of God. Have there been other men before me?"
'Then said God: "Be thou welcome, O my servant Adam. I tell thee that thou art the first man whom I have created And he whom thou hast seen [mentioned] is thy son, who shall come into the world many years hence, and shall be my messenger, for whom I have created all things; who shall give light to the world when he shall come;"
Christians deny the Gospel of Barnabas. The Historians do not deny it. For the authenticity of Gospel of Barnabas refer to

Paul said about Barnabas : "If he comes unto you, receive him. (Colossians 4:10)"

Coming On the next part

That underlined hadith is supposedly from a Hadith Qudsi. I do not know the reliability of the Hadith. But I doubt that it is true because it is known that the first thing that Allah created was the pen and not Muhammad's soul. Anyways that is irrelevant. Ali Sina fails to show that Muhammad is a Narcissit so far.

Going on he wrote "Were it not for you, [O Muhammad] I would not have created the universe."
Again this hadith has been refered to as a weak and fabricated hadith.

Many false and fabricated ahaadeeth have been narrated that say similar things. For example:
“Were it not for you, I would not have created the universe.”
This was quoted by al-Shawkaani in al-Fawaa’id al-Majmoo’ah fi’l-Ahaadeeth al-Mawdoo’ah (p. 326). He said:
Al-San’aani said: (it is) mawdoo’ (fabricated).
Al-Albaani said in al-Silsilah al-Da’eefah (282): (it is) mawdoo’.

As for the hadeeth mentioned, it is falsely attributed to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and has no sound basis.
Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah, 1/312

Shaykh Ibn Baaz was asked about this hadeeth and said:
The answer is that this was transmitted from the words of some of the common people who have no understanding. Some people say that the world was created for the sake of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and were it not for Muhammad the world would not have been created and mankind would not have been created. This is false and has no basis, and these are corrupt words. Allaah created the world so that He would be known and worshipped. He created the world and He created mankind so that His names and attributes, His power and knowledge, would be known and so that He alone would be worshipped with no partner or associate, and so that He would be obeyed – not for the sake of Muhammad or for the sake of Nooh or Moosa or ‘Eesa or any other Prophet. Rather Allaah created the universe so that He alone would be worshipped, with no partner or associate. Fataawa Noor ‘ala al-Darb, 46.

At last I completed wanted to destroy Ali Sina's argument Muhamamd as Narcissit. Think yourself would a Narcissit person say that

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55, Number 654:
Narrated ‘Umar: I heard the Prophet saying, “Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians praised the son of Mary, for I am only a Slave. So, call me the Slave of Allah and His Apostle.

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