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Scientific Miracles of Quran

Scientific Miracles of Quran

Bismillah Hir Rehman Ir Raheem
Start In the Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful

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Allah says in Quran in Surah Fussilat chapter 41 verse 53
“We will show them Our Signs in the universe, and in their ownselves, until it becomes manifest to them that this (the Quran) is the truth. “

1 - Every living thing is made of water

Every living thing is made up of cells containing water. Our own bodies consist of more then 50% of water in it.. Without water there can be no life that would exist. We know today that every living thing Is made up of cells which contains water thus water is an essential need for every living thing, This discovery was already foretold in Quran in Chapter 21 Anbya verse 30
“Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were joined together as one united piece, then We parted them? And We have made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?”

The discoveries regarding this includes works of
Robert Hooke - The first person to see cells, he was looking at cork and noted that he saw "a great many boxes. (1665)
Anton van Leeuwenhock - Observed living cells in pond water, which he called "animalcules" (1673)
Theodore Schwann - zoologist who observed that the tissues of animals had cells (1839)
Mattias Schleiden - botonist, observed that the tissues of plants contained cells (1845)
Rudolf Virchow reported 1850 that every living thing is made of up vital units, known as cells. He also predicted that cells come from other cells containing water
Bruce Alberts of one the American Scientist write in Essential Cell Biology which which Quran tells thousands of year ago that
“Even our earth consists of more water than land. Animals are made up of cells containing water. Plants are made up of water. Thus all living things are made up of cells containing water”

2 - Less Oxygen above sea level
This fact might be known to all of us that there is less Oxygen above sea level and as we move upwards it gets harder for us to breathe. Eg : When we climb up the mountains or gets higher it becomes harder for us to breathe and some even get unconscious.

Thus, we need Oxygen to survive. If we go above sea-level our lungs will become constricted in order to obtain more and more Oxygen, thus producing more Red Blood Cells (RBCs). When you are higher up the air gets thinner, this means that you are not taking in as much oxygen as normal resulting in difficulty of breathing which results in our lungs getting constrict. This was discovered by scientist recently but Quran mentions the same thing centuries ago in Surah Anaam chapter 6 verse 125
“So whoever Allah wants to guide - He expands his breast to [contain] Islam; and whoever He wants to misguide - He makes his breast tight and constricted as though he were climbing into the sky. Thus does Allah place defilement upon those who do not believe.”
To discover that there is less Oxygen first the Oxygen itself should be discovered which was done by  by Swedish pharmacist Carl Wilhelm and Joseph Priestley in 1774

3 - The Gravitational force in Earth
Sir Isaac Newton made on the greatest scientific discoveries in 1687 by investigating that there is a force in Earth which holds and pulls everything towards itself i.e. the gravitational force. In his book The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy where he writes discuss gravity he used the words “to attract or bring together”.

This was discovered in 16 century where as Quran tells us that Allah had made the earth receptacle which means mean a container that holds items or matter. Perhaps the translator namely Shakir translate this word as something which draws together to itself. It is mentioned in Surah Mursalat chapter 77 verse 25
“Have We not made the earth to draw together to itself,”
The  Arabic word use here is “kifatan,” translated as receptacle in the above verse, meansliving things being gathered together and protected in their dwellings, places where living or inanimate things are gathered together; on which things are piled; place where things are collected.” “Kifatancomes from root word kafata,” which means to collect, gather toward one, close embrace.”

4- The weight of Atom , Electron, Proton and Neutron foretold.
Before the electron, Proton and Neutron were discovered the Atom was believed to be the smallest particle. However after Neutron, Proton and Electron were discovered in 1932 by James Chadwick, in 1918 by Ernest Rutherford  and in 1897 by John Joseph Thomson , Atom no longer remain the smallest particle. Further neutrons and protons are made of quarks.

Quran mentions this twice in Quran that there is something more smaller then Atom and Atom itself have weight in Surah Saba chapter 34 verse 3
“And those who disbelieve say: The hour shall not come upon us. Say: Yea! by my Lord, the Knower of the unseen, it shall certainly come upon you; not the weight of an atom becomes absent from Him, in the heavens or in the earth, and neither less than that nor greater, but (all) is in a clear book”
And the same thing Is repeated in Surah Yunus chapter 10 verse 61. Thus we read here that Allah says not even the weight of an atom is absent from Him and not anything smaller then that. Thus this is an indication that there are elements smaller then the Atom and Atom too consist of weight

5 - The shape of the earth
In early times the people believe that the shape of earth is square and have edges until Ferdinand Magellan born in 1521 or some believe Columbus in Christopher Columbus born in 1451 travelled around the world to prove the earth was flat. Perhaps we know that the shape of earth is not flat nor sphere and is most like an oval or geospherical

This was already mentioned in the Quran years ago.  Allah says in Quran in  Surah Naziat chapter 29 verse 30 quoting from Khalifa translation it says
“And we have made the earth egg shaped" some use spread out 
The Arabic word use for spread out is Dahaha means egg shaped. It also means an expanse. Dahaha is derived from Duhiya which specifically refers to the egg of an ostrich which is geospherical in shape, exactly like the shape of the earth
Meaning Of Gesopherical :
Earth's crust - the outer layer of the Earth, OR Layer, Earth, Globe, Earth Surface.

6- Ears are active during sleep
Well this is the last one for today. We know and might have experience that we can hear while sleeping and can sense if someone call us by our name in a loud voice. The fact is that our ears are active during the sleep which allow us to listen to specific voices specially our own name. This is the only sense which is active during sleep. The science has found this recently but Quran mentions this years ago
 In surah Kahf chapter 18 verse 11 Allah says:
“Therefore We covered up their (sense of) hearing (causing them, to go in deep sleep) in the Cave for a number of years.”
According to recent scientific discoveries, the ear is the only sensory organ active while a person is sleeping. This is why we need an alarm clock to wake up.  According to scientist the part of the brain that appears to process sounds while people sleep is the frontal lobe

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