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The Date Of Lunar Landing In Quran

The Date Of Lunar Landing In Quran

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The Date Of Lunar Landing In Quran
"The Hour (of Doomsday) has drawn near and the Moon has split." [Quran 54:1]
The word “Qamar” in Arabic means “Moon,” and the word “Moon” appears in the first verse of Surat al-Qamar. There are 1390 verses from that verse to the end of the Qur’an. The year 1390 in the Islamic calendar corresponds to 1969 AD, the date of the lunar landings. The lunar landings was one of the greatest landmarks in human history, was indicated 14 centuries beforehand.
We all know the fact that The United States' Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon on 20 July "1969" [NASA Apollo 11 40th anniversary]

In Short
- The first verse of chapter 54 have and express the word "Moon"
- Number of verse from first verse of chapter 54 is 1390
- The Islamic calender 1390 corresponds to 1969 AD
- 1969 AD is the year of lunar landing
Allah knows the best

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