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Rotation Of Earth In 365 Days In Quran

Rotation Of Earth In 365 Days In Quran

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Rotation Of Earth In 365 Days In Quran

The word "Day" that is singular in Arabic (Yawm) appears 365 times in Quran. The thing here is that it also takes 365 days for Earth to orbit the Sun. The repotition of the word "Day" may be a stress and and emphasize towards the modern science discovery that Earth takes 365 days to travel around the sun.

In Short
- The word "Day" appears 365 times in Quran
- It takes 365 Days for Earth to orbit the Sun

Someone might argue that it takes 365.4 days to orbit the earth. The simple answer to this is that 0.4 is not the "Day" it is extra four "Hours" the Earth takes.

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