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Days Moon Take To Orbit Earth In Quran

Days Moon Take To Orbit Earth In Quran

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Days Moon Take To Orbit Earth In Quran

The word "Moon" appeared 27 times in Quran. The elliptical orbit of the Moon around the Earth also takes 27 days. But this is not a number that someone looking from Earth could determine. Because since there is a 29-day between full moons, it used to be thought it took the Moon 29 days to travel around the Earth. The fact is, however, that as the Moon revolves around the Earth, the Earth is also travelling round the Sun. Because of the movement of the Earth, the Moon completes its orbit with a 2-day delay. This is another reference in the Quran consistent with modern astronomical findings. 

In Short
- The word Moon appeared 27 times in Quran
- It takes moon 27 days to orbit the Earth

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