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Plane Technology In Quran

Plane Technology In Quran

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Plane Technology In Quran

"And We gave Solomon power over the wind-a month's journey in the morning and a month in the afternoon..." [Qur'an 34:12]

The expression "a month's journey in the morning and a month in the afternoon" may be expressing the fact that Prophet Solomon moved rapidly from one place to another travelling it i.e. he completed a month's journey in a short period of time. Thus, this verse gives a strong hold on expressing the modern day aeroplane technology as it can enable a man to move from one place to very far place in a few time. Muhsin Khan gives a more better translation
Muhsin Khan:
"And to Solomon (We subjected) the wind, its morning (stride from sunrise till midnoon) was a month's (journey), and its afternoon (stride from the midday decline of the sun to sunset) was a month's (journey i.e. in one day he could travel two months' journey)." [Quran 34:12]

"And to Solomon We gave the fiercely blowing wind, speeding at his command toward the land that We had blessed. And We had full knowledge of everything." [Qur'an, 21:81]

As the above verse relates, Allah placed the wind under Prophet Solomon commands and allowed him to use it as a vehicle. There is a strong possibility of an indication to modern day plane technology and it can also be indicated as a wind energy which will be used as technology in the future.

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