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Signs Of Last Hour | Ka'ba Will Be Destroyed

Signs Of Last Hour | Ka'ba Will Be Destroyed

Bismillah Hir Rehman Ir Raheem
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Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger Muhammad SAWS as saying: The Ka'ba would be destroyed by an Abyssinian having two small shanks (shins).
[Muslim, Book 41, Number 6951]

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:
The Prophet said "The people will continue performing the Hajj and 'Umra to the Ka'ba even after the appearance of Gog and Magog."
Narrated Shu'ba extra: The Hour (Day of Judgment) will not be established till the Hajj (to the Ka'ba) is abandoned.
[Bukhari Volume 2, Book 26, Number 663]
The Hadith mentions a sign which will occur when the Doomsday will be near and there will be no Muslim left on earth. The big Signs of Last Hour such as descendent of Jesus the son of Mary, arrival of Imam Mehdi will occur but the Hajj will still be continued even after the appearance of Gog and Magog. After the blow of first trumpet no more Muslim will be left on earth and the Kaba will be dismantled by an Abyssinian group having two small shanks. Thus, before the Last Hour the Hajj will be discontinued.
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