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Are You Sad, Distress, Hurt, In Pain? | Islam Answers

Are You Sad, Distress, Hurt, In Pain? | Islam Answers

Bismillah Hir Rehman Ir Raheem
Start In the Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful

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Are you sad, distress, hurt, in pain? | Islam Answers

So why are you sad? Have you counted all the blessings Allah given you?

Are you sad because of failure in studies?
Well, it is Allah who gives whom He wills, Remember the Prophet Muhammad SAW never was gone to school but he win the hearts of all people even Non-Muslims by preaching good. Even the kuffar used to say him Amin and Sadiq

Are you sad because somebody has leave you?
Don't be sad for if all the mankind leave you and dump you, Allah is always there for you
"Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us." Quran 9:40

Don't you know Satan loves a sad believer. Why?
When you are sad you doubt Allah's Mercy, you ask yourself does Allah listens you or not? You curse your brother and sisters?
Don't you that? Don't you backbite the person when you are sad or angry?

Why don;t you listen Quran when you are sad?

Are you in pain?
Then remember it is a blessing you are having. You are sad because of the blessing?
The Prophet said : Verily no fatigue, distress or pain befalls a Muslim except Allah remove his sins
Are not you happy that while you are in pain, distress, etc your sins are being removed?
You are sad because you cant make it up to something or someone?
Well, remember everything happens because of Allah, if not today then may be tomorrow? Is not it..
Did you learn walking and talking immediately as you were born? No na
So why you expecting things to happen in a hurry?

After all, can't you see Allah's blessings around you, Why don't you visit a park and see the colors Allah created instead of thinking about your pain, sadness, etc why you dont think about the world without colors? Sky without clouds?

"Don't be sad you are a Muslim, you have been blessed with faith and that is a greatest blessings say Alhamdulilah"
"When you are sad you get closer to Allah, anything brings you closer to Allah is a blessing itself"
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